Thoughts On Social Media

When I first received my Loyalist schedule and I heard that I had to take a social media class, I was a little confused. But than I realized how the business world is seriously affected by social media today. My first day in SMET, I was pretty excited to hear that 2% of our grade comes from making a twitter account. Coming from a younger demographic, social media is the norm for me.

For quite some time I always believed I wasn’t social media or tech savvy, but now that I’ve had to take the time to think about it, I’ve come to the realization that my social media IQ is exemplary. I don’t necessarily use the computer a lot, but all social media tools are accessible via iPhone, so I belong to many online communities as it is at my convenience. I use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Skype on a regular basis. I would have never been able to connect or reconnect with many individuals that I have if it wasn’t for social media. Because of social media, I have met so many wonderful people and now some of those people are my best friends today, and the most important individuals in my life.

Only being into week two of this class, I realize how crucial social media is in the business world. Keeping updated is key, but networking with other individuals will get you places. Many businesses have video conferences via Skype, communicate through e-mail, companies have Twitter accounts and websites. These tools keep business people connected and updated in a convenient manner. Without these tools, doing business would be a much more complex job than what it already is.

As this course progresses, I hope to learn more about businesses and how they use social media to their advantage. I also hope to learn more about other social media tools. I think this course will be very insightful, as we are only in the second week and we’ve already learned a new means of keeping connected through blogging.


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