Nike Blogging For Business

Many companies today use blogging for their business. Why? It’s a cheap, effective way to communicate to customers and it also provides feedback to providers. One company who uses blogging to their advantage is Nike. Nike is a major publicly traded clothing, footwear, sportswear, and equipment supplier based in the United States. It is a major manufacturer of sports equipment and the world’s leading supplier of athletic apparel and shoes with revenues exceeding into billions.

Nike uses a blog to introduce new products they are adding to their existing line. It gives an overview of the style of the product, the use, and what the product looks like, and so many other things. This is an excellent way to promote new products that Nike is launching. Why? Simple. People today are constantly going online to review products. On Nike’s blog, customers are able to write their opinion on the product which in return provides feedback to future customers. Of course this could also be a downfall for Nike, as negative comments could turn business away.

The layout of Nike’s blog is efficient in a variety ways. Nike has strategically linked Facebook and Twitter to their blog, so that consumers have numerous ways to share this product. When one individual shares a Nike product onto another social media tool, it forces others to see it. This is a great way for Nike to do business, because even people who don’t blog will see their products. Navigating around Nike’s blog is extremely easy. Things are organized in a fastidious and chronological manner, which makes it easy to track down previous entries. The aesthetics of the blog are appealing and colourful and are straight to the point of the product.

In conclusion, Nike’s blog is adequate to their customers and is aesthetically appealing to any reader. It is evident that their blogging gives them business, as they have have cleverly attached other social media links within their blog. Nike does not directly reply to comments customers leave on the blog, but what large company has the time to do that? Although, it is evident within their products that they try to please every customer to the best of their ability. Nike is a billion dollar company and has obviously had major successes, and I believe using their blog has helped them with revenues.

Direct link to Nike’s blog:


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