All a Twitter – MAC Cosmetics

Twitter is one of the fastest growing forms of social media in todays society. It is a simplified way of getting your name out there to promote yourself and your own brand. One brand that uses Twitter to promote their products, is MAC Cosmetics. Makeup Artist Cosmetics (MAC), is a popular makeup brand which is recognized worldwide today. The company’s products were initially specifically designed for profession makeup artists, but are now sold to consumers globally.

MAC uses their twitter to promote new products, touch base with customers, and I’ve even seen them reply to consumer questions directly using their twitter. People who have used MAC products tend to tweet pictures of themselves using the product, and MAC retweets these pictures for other followers to see. I thought that was pretty interesting, as many big brand companies don’t always show that they care about this source of feedback. I believe that this creates a whole new way of networking, as so many people are getting their art out there, thanks to MAC. When MAC retweets others looks of makeup, this creates inspiration for other makeup users, which I believe is what a good company should do.

I think MAC is one of the most effective brand/company that is using their twitter today because of the way they interact with their fans. Also, they are constantly tweeting, keeping users updated and coming back for more. While reading MAC’s tweets, it is evident the tone of the tweets is sassy, fun and genuine, keeping customers intrigued in many ways. As a MAC cosmetics user, I respect them regardless, but I believe their twitter usage is phenomenal. They are constantly putting the customer first, and retweeting things that they know their customers will love. MAC literally follow the rule of “the customer comes first”, which is something that is truly hard to find in today’s business world.

Myself using MAC eyeshadows Woodwinked and All That Glitters


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