Facebook: King of Social Media – Louis Vuitton: A World of Elegance

Facebook: Is it really the King of Social Media? Some debate yes, some would say no. Regardless of one’s opinion, Facebook is known worldwide and is one of the fastest growing forms of social media, with over 1 billion registered users. No wonder some would consider it “the King”! Many think Facebook is just for personal use: to share their photos, update their life with distant relatives and friends, etc. What many don’t realize, is that businesses are beginning to have Facebook profiles themselves. By creating a “like” page on Facebook, a business can do wonders by promoting their product.

One designer that is using Facebook is Louis Vuitton. This French fashion house was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Many individuals today see the LV monogram that appears on many Louis products. Luxury trunks, leather goods, shoes, watches jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, books and many other products are available through this designer. Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses; you will only find real products through Louis Vuitton boutiques, high-end department stores (ie. Holt Renfrew) and recently, through sections of the Louis Vuitton website. From 2006-2012, Louis Vuitton has been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand.

Louis Vuitton uses their Facebook quite effectively. Their Facebook like page resembles their company in a way; classy, elegant and fabulous. The thing I personally enjoy most about the Louis Vuitton Facebook page, is the photos. They are constantly updating their albums from fashion shows, new products from handbags, shoes, luggage and other glamorous products! One downfall of huge designers and fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, there will always be companies who try to mimic their creations, and pass them off as real. I believe by Louis Vuitton uploading so many pictures, you’ll be able to find the resources to find the exact bag you want at a boutique near you or a department store, ensuring the quality is real and not a replica. Louis Vuitton also posts news articles onto their wall regarding almost everything; from fashion shows, launch of a new product, and anything being posted in the media. I believe this is a great way for fans to keep updated on news about their favourite designer and products. A recent post that Louis Vuitton did was a picture thanking their fans …

I believe this is something great to see on Facebook. This reminds customers that the company cares and acknowledges peoples existence. This is something I respect the Louis Vuitton company for doing, because many people think that big brands, especially luxury brands would notice, yet acknowledge something like this. Since Louis Vuitton cannot communicate with 10 million fans, individually, I think this is an effective way to communicate on their Facebook page. Since the company uploads so many pictures, many fans comment on the pictures for reviews, opinions and just admiration.

In summary, I believe Louis Vuitton uses their Facebook effectively in many ways. I personally did not think such an old, large, fashion house such as Louis Vuitton would be using Facebook. This shows even older designers are now using social media tools to create their own techniques for selling and promoting their products.


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