All About Samantha!

So for starters, I’m Samantha McMurter. An ambitious 19 year old female, from a small town, but with big dreams. I am currently in my first year of Business Administration at Loyalist College located in Belleville, Ontario. Many people ask, “why business admin?” To answer that simply; I have the mind of a business person. Business is my passion, my love, my talent. I’m an aspiring HR Director, which will take a ton of work, effort and time, but I will one day make it there. I love sports, makeup, shopping and Starbucks (bring me a Green Belly and I will probably marry you!). My family is my life, my friends are my family, school is my top priority, I’m an avid horoscope reader, positive thinker and I take it day by day.

What to expect from my blog? I’m not much of a blogging person, actually, I’m not a blogging person at all. Everything on my blog will pertain to social media. This is something that is mandatory for school and is essential for obtaining the credit. This is a new experience for me and I hope to make the best of it!


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