Staying on Top of Trends

There are so many websites today to keep us informed on the newest products available, and what’s going on in the world today. Three websites and their articles I’m going to be analyzing are Mashable, Social Media Explorer, and Tech Crunch.

The first article I found was from Tech Crunch titled, Apple’s iPad Mini Launch Draws Smaller Crowds than Previous Product Debuts written by Darrell Etherington on November 2nd, 2012. Crowds were noted to not be very large, consisting of 100 people are so, but the pre orders of the iPad mini were sold out. When apple launches a product, it is usually packed and you are unable to buy the product until a couple of weeks later. But, in some places you could walk into an Apple store and purchase the mini, right then and there. For example, the Apple Store in Sydney had 50 people in line when it opened compared to a line covering several blocks for the iPhone 5.

In the article, it was noted that estimated sales of the iPad Mini were to be half of the original iPad! This is very rare for an Apple product as I stated before. So many people may wonder why there is such low sales? Personally, I believe there are many reasons for this. Firstly, hurricane Sandy just affected so many areas, that many individuals simply cannot afford it. People are going obviously prioritizing their spending, so new technology probably isn’t an option. So would have Apple’s sales increased if the hurricane did not hit? Perhaps, but personally I believe that the sales wouldn’t have had a drastic increase. I think that Apple’s products are beginning to affect the business world in a negative way. They are simply remaking their products in a bigger/smaller/thinner size, slightly remodelling them, and releasing them as something extremely brand new. In reality, all of their products are repeating themselves. How different can an iPod Touch be from an iPad Mini?

Customers who have continuously bought Apple products over the years may also be getting tired of Apples repetitiveness. As an Apple user, I certainly would like to see something brand new! Apple has been on an incline for some time now. Revenues and sales have increased greatly, but now it seems they are starting to plateau in their market. I believe this will affect the business world as a whole. Apple’s stocks have a great chance of decreasing and the company could start to lose money. This could increase revenue for competitors such as Samsung and other Android operating phones. In return, this could create opportunity for Apple to step their game up to release a great product.

The second article I found was from Mashable. It is about Google Introducing Physical Google Wallet Card wrote by Todd Wasserman on November 2nd, 2012. I found this article to be very interesting as this card will operate like other credit cards, but is designed to sync with your other credit cards you have on Google Wallet. Obviously this card would only be useful to Android users, but I believe this could affect the business world, as this is something that hasn’t been done before! When you are unable to use your mobile device for payment, you can use the card instead.

This could affect the business world in many ways. Individuals who are not interested in technology or the advancement of it, may find it useless and asinine. Those who are tech savvy may love the idea, as you can connect any of your cards to one card, leaving you with only one card to carry. There is many risks affiliated with this of course. What if all places do not accept this card? Card malfunction? Software malfunction? etc etc. Also, I think many individuals will have a hard time understand how this card works. People who are avid Android users will probably love this idea. Others, like my Grandmother who is an Android user would have absolutely no use for this.

The Economics of Bad Outreach written by Mark Smicklas, on November 1st, 2012 clarifies what good and bad practices are in reaching out to customers. The author begins to explain the many negative ways to alert and grab the attention to customers. He says that harassing customers with emails (otherwise known as spam emails) is one of the worst strategies in business and can easily lose sales. On the positive side of it, he gives some excellent tips to reach out to the consumer market. One that I found interesting and relevant was the Twitter Stream tip. He suggests following prospects if they are on twitter.

“I have a special column set up in HootSuite that filters content from people that I may be interested in connecting with down the road. There are a lot of smart people sharing great content on Twitter so I find pretty easy to find relevant, helpful posts to retweet or @mention. I also find you can gain some added insight though the links that prospects are sharing.”

“Lazy and outreach practices have the potential to erode business value” is a direct quote taken from the article and sums up exactly what the article is all about. This could impact all businesses greatly! If businesses followed some of the tip provided on this article, it would be a great way to reach out to feedback and start to give the consumer exactly what they want, and in return increase sales. Businesses who are successful probably have used some of these tips and probably continue to do so.

In summary, it is clear each business has different ways of using social media and how new products can dramatically affect the entire company and the business world as a whole. While reading the first to articles that I have analyzed, it is evident that the release of new products can change the business world. Apple’s potential fall out and Google’s new card could be a great opportunity for Android, which is clear while reading both articles.