Final Thoughts

So, my Social Media and Emerging Technologies course has already come to an end. I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone, how many new people I’ve met, and how much I’ve learned. Going into this course, I knew social media was the norm today, and how it could benefit a business. Now that I’ve taken SMET, I realize that there’s so much more to social media.

Honestly, going into SMET, I questioned why I even had to take this course. I never believed I was tech savvy, or social media savvy. Within the second week of class, I realized that my social media skills were exemplary. I didn’t think I was going to learn much in this class simply because I use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and so many other online communities on the daily. I was truly wrong on that one;; I learned a lot more then what I anticipated for.  I learned how businesses are using social media today, how to appropriately use social media, and some new programs too. The one thing I will always remember from this course is the digital footprint. This has stuck in my mind since we’ve learned about it. I never gave much thought to what I posted online; I never cared if it was “appropriate” or not. Now, it’s something I constantly think about. Fights and arguments are constantly started over social media, and it’s super easy to get drawn into them. I won’t even lie, I’ve had some “e-drama” and arguments over Facebook, and now I absolutely avoid them. I want to keep my digital footprint as clean and classy as possible, so I am super cautious of what I post now.

Being a business student, owning my own business will always be an option for me. After taking this course, I realize now how important social media is to the business world. Also, many social media networks are free to join! If you use your social media appropriately and effectively, this basically means free marketing! You can easily build your own brand today on tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; and conveniently, they’re all free.

After taking this course, my opinion on social media has been much more positive. I always figured online communities were pretty negative, and I now know how to avoid that. I personally enjoyed this course and learned quite a bit. I have taken many things from SMET, such as the digital footprint and how to effectively and appropriately build my own brand. I’ve already used some of the new tools and advice that I’ve learned in this class and I will continue to use them in the future.


Developing a Social Media Plan

Today, social media is a fundamental glue for success in business. Businesses world wide are using social media to promote their goods/services and stay connected with their customers and other businesses.  The key to an effective campaign is creative ideas facilitated by preparation, time and execution. Similar to any marketing or public relations effort, a social media plan should include all the essential components of an equipped strategic foundation. This plan will keep a business organized, state the goals of the business, and the proper use of social media. Below I will provide the business profile of a fictional business, and then I will develop the plan of action I personally would find useful in terms of social media.

Business Profile:

Extreme Promotional Materials is a company that supplies personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses. From team jerseys to pens, Extreme Promotional Materials works with quality manufacturers to provide a variety of goods that can be personalized with lettering and logos. The company predominantly serves school and league teams as well as small to medium sized businesses across south eastern Ontario, but is always looking to expand into both greater geographical and niche markets. Extreme Promotional Materials employs approximately 20 people, mostly in printing, sales and marketing positions. The company is inventive and friendly and has spent the last 15 years coming up with new and creative ways to serve its customers’ needs while establishing positive relationships along the way.


The Social Media Plan


Our company supplies customized and promotional materials, ranging from jerseys to pens. For the last fifteen years we’ve come up with new and creative ways to meet our customers needs and are always looking to expand into both greater geographical and niche markets. We believe the most effective way to expand our business and build new relationships would be using social media. Creating a social media plan will help us stay focused on our social media marketing goals and optimize social media to its full potential. Facebook is the most popular form of social media today and offers many tools that other online communities do not. Facebook is more detailed then Twitter, so we believe creating a Facebook page Promotional Materials will be able to display photos, keep our consumer updated through statuses, receive feedback on our wall and pictures and can reveal new products and services to the public quickly. If we use Facebook to our full potential, we believe that we can create a wider cliental base and give our customers full satisfaction.

Mission, Vision and Goals: 


At Extreme Promotional Materials, we strive to give our customers full satisfaction in our high quality products at an excellent price. We provide exemplary customer service and our customers are our first priority. We address each customer individually so we can meet the needs of everyone. We personalize items in the most creative, unique way, making our products distinctive and one of a kind. Using social media, we want to expand our cliental and show them our outstanding products and customer service. Extreme Promotional Materials believes that social media would give us the opportunity to display our amazing products and also gives us a chance to interact and build a relationship with new customers world wide.


Our vision at Extreme Promotional Materials is to network with as many returning and new customers. We believe this is possible by optimizing our social media tools to the fullest. We strive for excellent products and happy customers, leaving space on our social media platforms for positive reviews.


Using social media we hope to achieve many things:

  • Interact with new customers
  • Build new relationships
  • Learn new ways to optimize our services
  • Receive feedback, making our products stronger then ever

Mission Statement

At Extreme Promotional Materials, our goal is to provide the best products with the greatest service possible. We believe personality should shine through all aspect of our business, and our products offer personality. Extreme Promotional Materials strive to achieve the satisfaction of all customers, and thats exactly what we do.

Key Messages

  • We serve others as we would like to be treated
  • Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed as we work with the individual to ensure all needs are met
  • We offer the most unique and high quality products are excellent pricing

Target Audience

Our target audience is very large. All genders, ages from 15-60. Promotional products are used everywhere for many purposes. We believe that our audience is so large as there are many young people looking to start a business and many older people who are as well, or who already have established their business. Also, our products could be used for personal needs such as gifts. We believe by opening up our audience, we will also attract coaches for sports teams. By using social media, we will attract all ages as well, as many elder and young people are using Facebook today! Aside from businesses using Facebook pages, many clubs do as well. If there is a team/club on Facebook and they come across our page, they will be the ones to initiate the process of ordering things such as jackets, track suits or even bags. Personalized items are always for business purposes, students or parents may like to personalize things. Whether it’s a shirt, sweater, blanket, it will make an excellent gift.

Social Media Tools

We at Extreme Promotional Materials plan to use Facebook and our own personal website. We believe these two tools will lead us to our goal and help us reach our large demographic. Facebook has a wide variety of people on Facebook, from all ages, genders and races. We plan to use our Facebook to update our customers through statuses, show them our unique and finished products, and use our wall for reviews from former customers. We believe this will allow us to interact with customers who have placed orders one on one, as they can message us privately and we can post pictures of their products so that they receive the exact product they want. A traditional website for our business will cater to our less tech savvy group of individuals. This website will be easy to navigate, provide products that we sell, colours etc. Our website will not be as detailed as Facebook, but we planned to provide a link on our website so that our customers can see our updates, reviews and older projects. The team at Extreme Promotional Materials chose these two tools as Facebook is extremely popular and “new age”, while a website is a little more traditional. This allows us to optimize our social media and reach all of our demographic.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

To get our current/potential customers to view and like our Facebook page and see our website, we will advertise by word of mouth and in store flyers. Also, any promotional flyers and business cards from here on out, will state our Facebook link and website URL. We also plan to use our friends and family to advertise our Facebook page to get us likes. We plan to frequently check our Facebook page three times daily so we can ensure quick responses to our customers. When our business expands, more frequent updating would be needed. We believe we would only need to update our website weekly, as we only plan to showcase our products on our website. We will post our mission statement, about us, contact info and Facebook page on our website. We think this would be beneficial as more people are inclined to check our Facebook page, as it is more detailed and you can contact us much easier. Adding new pictures, status updates and other things will be done daily to our Facebook. We want our customers to keep coming back for more! Our tone will be enthusiastic, friendly and happy. We want people to know that our main priority is the customer and their needs.

Summary of Thoughts

In conclusion, we plan to maximize our use of a Facebook page and a standard website to interact with new and returning customers so we can build a bigger, broader and stronger network of relationships. Our age demographic consists of individuals ranging from 15-60, so we believe these two tools will reach that entire age group. We still will use old marketing strategies such as email, word of mouth, brochures and flyers. By using social media, our goal is to create a larger network of people, build a bigger cliental and bring in more business. We want our company to grow and provide excellent service world wide.

Thoughts On Social Media

When I first received my Loyalist schedule and I heard that I had to take a social media class, I was a little confused. But than I realized how the business world is seriously affected by social media today. My first day in SMET, I was pretty excited to hear that 2% of our grade comes from making a twitter account. Coming from a younger demographic, social media is the norm for me.

For quite some time I always believed I wasn’t social media or tech savvy, but now that I’ve had to take the time to think about it, I’ve come to the realization that my social media IQ is exemplary. I don’t necessarily use the computer a lot, but all social media tools are accessible via iPhone, so I belong to many online communities as it is at my convenience. I use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Skype on a regular basis. I would have never been able to connect or reconnect with many individuals that I have if it wasn’t for social media. Because of social media, I have met so many wonderful people and now some of those people are my best friends today, and the most important individuals in my life.

Only being into week two of this class, I realize how crucial social media is in the business world. Keeping updated is key, but networking with other individuals will get you places. Many businesses have video conferences via Skype, communicate through e-mail, companies have Twitter accounts and websites. These tools keep business people connected and updated in a convenient manner. Without these tools, doing business would be a much more complex job than what it already is.

As this course progresses, I hope to learn more about businesses and how they use social media to their advantage. I also hope to learn more about other social media tools. I think this course will be very insightful, as we are only in the second week and we’ve already learned a new means of keeping connected through blogging.