Making a Scene With Online Video – Fictional Business

Today, many companies are beginning to use videos to promote their business and products. Some companies even use video blogs, usually called vlogs, which are becoming more and more popular. Next to Facebook, YouTube is the second most viewed website. Companies today really need to strive to make themselves memorable. There are hundreds of pet companies, dog trainers, and brands for pets today in the area, so showing consumers why they are better than others is essential. Being well branded will easily categorize companies into memorable, and bland. An excellent example of a company that has established their branding is Starbucks Coffee. Healthy, aromatic, coffee is Starbucks obsession, and almost everyone knows this. Below, I will post a profile of a fictional business and will use my own personal views and ideas on how I would promote this company using videos. Here it goes!

Business Profile:

Pet Pawsitive is a mid-sized business with two locations in Belleville and Kingston. Unlike your traditional pet supply store, Pet Pawsitive is focused on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation and service classes. Each location also contains a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies. Pet Pawsitive doesn’t sell animals but does work closely with local and national shelters and humane societies to connect would-be owners with their next animal companion. The company is known for being very active in each of their communities, participating in and holding events and fundraisers. The average staff size of a Pet Pawsitive location is 6 to 10 employees which includes management, retail clerks and certified trainers.

Personally, I would promote my business by creating videos of showing how we are different. I would incorporate the “cute animal” section that everybody loves to create an even more memorable video. I would take the video at the human societies we closely work with and explain that we do not sell animals, but there are thousands of animals available for adoption. Although this video seems simple, it doesn’t stop there. I would need to do research to provide statistics and information on adopting animals, and the products we sell as well. So in short, this video will consist of the goods we sell, and other businesses we are affiliated with.

Another video I would do, would actually be a series of videos. This would consist of the services we provide. One video would be the behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners. I would use these videos to actually sell our services, so these videos would still have the “cute and cuddly” aspect, but also a little more serious. I would have an employee go through our regular routine of teaching behaviour to animals and their owners. I would have an overview explaining the process as well. I would have many videos similar to this, but have different services that we provide, for example: basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation and service classes. I would make these videos fun, energetic and happy. No customer wants to send their pet to someone who is miserable and abusive!

Finally, I’d create a video showing our community involvement, encouraging individuals to come out and participate too! I would show the fundraisers we participate in and how happy our employees are giving back to the community.

Being a customer myself and having an empathetic nature, these are some of the things I’d want to see in a pet company. I’d want to see the goods and services, how they interact with my animals, and just seeing fun, energetic spirits who love their job. I think incorporating the “cute and cuddly” aspect of animals will make it memorable, because really, who doesn’t love cute animals! I think these series of videos will create a memorable branding for Pet Pawsitive and will be the starting of the marketing strategy.